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Transmission Fluid

  • 1 Liter - Meets: Type A Suffix A (TASA), ALLISON C-4, MAN 339 Type A, Mercedes-Benz MB 236.2, Renk Doromat, Caterpillar Cat. TO-2
    Starting at ATF Fluid - RAVENOL Automatic Transmission Fluid
    RAVENOL ATF Fluid is a high quality transmission fluid formulated with a blend of refined base oils with special additives and inhibitors to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the transmission. Technical...
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  • 5 Liter - Meets: ZF TE-ML 14E, ZF TE-ML 16N, MAN 339 Typ Z4 (ZF Ecomat 150 000 km), Allison TES-295 (TranSynd Fluid), Caterpillar 6-speed CX31 and 8-speed Super-Heavy-Duty CX35 transmissions, Renk Doromat, Voith 55.63353x (previously G 607) and 55.63363x (previously G 1363), MB 236.91
    Starting at ATF Fluid - RAVENOL LKW Synthetic Fluid
    RAVENOL LKW ATF Synthetic is a fully synthetic automatic transmission oil specifically developed for the latest generation of commercial vehicle automatic transmissions. RAVENOL LKW ATF Synthetic allows...
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  • 1 Liter - Meets: MAN 339 Type Z13, MAN 339 Type Z4 (ZF Ecomat 150 000 km), ZF TE-ML 04D, 14E, 16N, 16Q, 20F, ZF 0671 072 120, ZF 0671 072 130
    Starting at ATF Fluid - RAVENOL ZMS Fluid
    RAVENOL ATF ZMS was developed with a synthetic PAO base oil and a special selection of additives and inhibitors to produce excellent thermal and oxidation stability and adhesion factor performance. This guarantees the...
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  • 1 Liter - Approvals: ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K, MAN 341 Typ Z4, MAN 341 Typ E3 - Meets: API GL-4, MIL-L-2105, MAN 341 Typ V-R, DAF/VOLVO 97305, 97307, EATON (Extended drain) / IVECO / RENAULT
    Starting at Gear Oil - 75W-80 GL-4 - RAVENOL Spec Synthetic Gear Oil SSG
    RAVENOL SSG Spec Synthetic Gear Oil 75W-80 is a full-synthetic, low viscosity transmission oil specifically formulated for highly stressed manual transmissions. It is produced from selected base oils together with...
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  • 1 Liter - Approvals: MAN 341 Typ E2 - Meets: API GL-5, API GL-4, MT-1, MIL-L-2105 A/B/C/D/E, MAN 3343 Typ M (prolonged Oil Drain intervals), ZF-TE-ML 02B, 05A, 12E, 16B, 17B, 19B, 21A, SCANIA STO 1:0, VOLVO 97310
    Starting at Gear Oil - 80W-90 GL-4/GL-5 - RAVENOL SLG
    RAVENOL SLG SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil is a high performance multi-purpose gear oil primarily developed for commercial vehicle transmissions. It is produced from selected base oils together with specially designed additives to...
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  • 1 Liter - Meets: API MT-1, EATON PS-164 Rev. 7, MACK TO-A PLUS, International TMS-6816, ZF FreedomLine, TE-ML 02L, ArvinMeritor 0-81
    Starting at Manual Transmission Fluid - RAVENOL Truck MTF-50
    RAVENOL Truck MTF-50 is a fully synthetic heavy duty manual transmission fluid for vehicles requiring a non-EP lubricant. RAVENOL Truck MTF-50 is produced from selected synthetic base oils and special additives matched...
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