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10W-40 Truck Oil - RAVENOL Expert SHPD

  • 1 Liter
  • 5 Liter
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  • 20 Liter
  • 60 Liter
  • 208 Liter
  • 1000 Liter
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2.40 LBS
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Product Description

RAVENOL Expert SHPD 10W-40 is a easy running engine oil for use in heavily used induction motors, turbo diesel engines, as well as gasoline engines. RAVENOL Expert SHPD 10W-40 is suitable for use in a mixed car pool. The mixture of unconventional, as well as HC base oils, synthetic components, and modern additives guarantee extended oil change intervals, a high corrosion protection, and low oil and fuel consumption. 

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Excellent detergent and dispersant characteristics
  • Low evaporation
  • A high ageing stability
  • Protection of reflecting surface formation
  • Very good cold start characteristics
  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Expert SHPD 10W-40 has an excellent flow behavior even at low temperatures. The quick reach of critical lubrication points provides a considerable corrosion reduction during the warm-up period. Unique additives guarantee the best engine cleanness even after short distances.

Oil Specifications and Quality Standards:

  • ACEA E4
  • ACEA E7
  • ACEA A3
  • ACEA B4
  • License: API CI-4
  • License: API SL
  • API CI-4 includes: CH-4/CG-4/CF

Formal Factory Approvals:

  • Mercedes-Benz MB-Approval 228.3
  • Mercedes-Benz MB-Approval 229.1
  • Cummins CES 20077
  • Cummins CES 20078
  • MAN M 3275-1
  • Volvo VDS 3
  • YaMZ
  • MACK EOM-Plus
  • Renault VI RLD-2
  • MTU Typ 2
  • TEDOM 258-3 (61-0-0258)

Practiced and tested in accordance with the following fills:

  • Cummins CES 20071,-72, -76
  • Global DHD-1
  • VW 500 00
  • VW 505 00
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Allison C-4
  • Voith Retarder B
  • DAF

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