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5W-16 Motor Oil - RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE

  • 1 Liter - Meets: API SN
  • 4 Liter - Meets: API SN
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2.40 LBS
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Product Description

RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE SAE 5W-16 is fully synthetic, smooth-running motor oil with CleanSynto® technology for passenger cars, gasoline engines with and without turbocharging and direct injection. RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE SAE 5W-16 is recommended especially for hybrid vehicles when a more efficient oil is desired. RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE SAE 5W-16 was formulated with tri-nuclear molybdenum and OFM (Organic Friction Modifiers), in order to achieve minimal friction, wear, and fuel consumption while providing excellent cold start properties. The excellent cold start performance ensures optimum lubrication reliability in the cold running phase. 

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Protects the environment by reducing emissions.
  • Fuel saving in all driving conditions
  • Excellent wear protection and a high viscosity index ensure the long service life of the engine even under high speed driving conditions
  • Excellent cold start properties even at low temperatures of below -30°C
  • A reliable lubrication film even at high operating temperatures
  • Low volatility, resulting in low oil consumption
  • No oil-related deposits in combustion chambers, piston ring zone, and on valves
  • Compatible with sealing materials
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources

Application Notes:

RAVENOL High Fuel Economy HFE SAE 5W-16 is suitable as a high performance, smooth-running engine oil for sophisticated engines. It is recommended for modern passenger car gasoline engines, if the engine manufacturer recommends using a low viscosity oil with the viscosity category 5W-16. Many Eco friendly and hybrid car manufacturers recommend using low viscosity oils such as 5W-20. RAVENOL HFE SAE 5W-16 is suitable for all SAE 0W-20 and SAE 5W-20 applications when API SN is requested.

Practiced and tested in accordance with the following fills:

  • Honda 08215-99974
  • Honda 08216-99974
  • Honda 08232-P99S1LHE
  • Honda Ultra Next
  • Honda Ultra Green
  • Nissan Hybrid Engine Nissan KLANM-01A04 Extra Save X Eco
  • Mitsubishi MZ102661
  • Mitsubishi MZ102662
  • Mitsubishi DiaQueen ECO Plus
  • Toyota 0880-11005

Oil Specifications and Quality Standards:

  • API SN

Always consult your service manual to confirm the specific oil required for your engine.

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