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5W-30 Motor Oil - RAVENOL VMS

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Product Description

RAVENOL VMS SAE 5W-30 is fully synthetic, low friction motor oil with CleanSynto® technology for Daimler passenger car gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbo-charging and direct injection. It minimises friction, deterioration, and fuel consumption, as well as possessing excellent cold-start characteristics and a lengthened oil change interval, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The excellent cold start characteristics provide optimal lubricant safety in the cold-running phase. Because of the noticeable fuel economy RAVENOL VMS SAE 5W-30 contributes to the reduction of pollutant emissions and protecting the environment. RAVENOL VMS SAE 5W-30 effectively prevents the reset of the diesel soot particulate filter.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Noticeably improved Fuel-Economy (FE)
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant property
  • Prevention of black sludge formation
  • Improved cleaner engine
  • Extended endurance because of oxidation stability
  • Excellent cold start characteristics even at temperatures below -30°C
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature-characteristics
  • Low evaporation tendency
  • Suitable for catalysts
  • Effectively prevents the reset of the diesel soot particulate filter

Application Notes:

RAVENOL VMS SAE 5W-30 is suitable for demanding motors as high performance low friction multi-grade engine oil. It is recommended for all modern passenger car gasoline and diesel engines, including turbo and direct injection versions. RAVENOL VMS SAE 5W-30 is recommended for use in vehicles with diesel particulate filters. It is specially formulated according to the Daimler Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oil specification MB 229.52 and suitable for BlueTEC OM642 engines.

Oil Specifications and Quality Standards:

  • API SN
  • ACEA C3

Formal Factory Approvals:

  • Mercedes-Benz MB 229.31
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 229.51
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 229.52

Practiced and tested in accordance with the following fills: 

  • Chrysler/Dodge MS-11106

Always consult your service manual to confirm the specific oil required for your engine.


 Colour  -  brown visual
 Density at 20°C  kg/m³  847 EN ISO 12185
 Viscosity at 40°C  mm²/s  72.8 DIN 51 562
 Viscosity at 100°C  mm²/s  12.2 DIN 51 562
 Viscosity index VI  -  165 DIN ISO 2909
 CCS Viscosity at -30°C  mPa*s  5258 ASTM D5293
 Low Temp. Pumping viscosity (MRV) at -35°C  mPa*s  20.300 ASTM D4684
 Noack Volatility  %  8.5 ASTM D5800/b
 Pourpoint  °C  -39 DIN ISO 3016
 Flash point (COC)  °C  234 DIN ISO 2592
 TBN  mg KOH/g  8.6 ASTM D2896
 Sulphated ash  %wt.  0.8 DIN 51 575


 All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.


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