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Racing Motor Oil - RAVENOL Racing Kart 2 Stroke

  • 1 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 4 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 10 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 20 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 60 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 208 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
  • 1000 Liter - Approvals: FIA-CIK Homologation
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2.40 LBS
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Product Description

RAVENOL Racing Kart 2 Stroke is a fully synthetic, no-compromise two-stroke racing oil. Based on experience in carting, road racing, and motocross this oil has been tested worldwide under the harshest conditions on Grand Prix circuits. Basic components of the product are a variety of synthetic base oils, including NHC Polyol and polyisobutylene. Benefits from the inclusion of synthetics of a much larger molecular structure give increased boundary lubrication and offer a wide buffer zone of protection.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Ultra low rates of wear
  • High lubricity preventing oil induced piston seizures
  • High shear stability even under the most severe of conditions
  • Increased engine reliability
  • No lacquer, gumming, or ring sticking
  • Ultra clean burning with little to no carbon deposits
  • Excellent fluidity/pour point for use in wide range of temperatures
  • Easy mixing
  • Smokeless

Application Notes: 

RAVENOL Racing Kart 2 Stroke is miscible with mineral and synthetic two stoke oils up to 50:1 (acc. to manufacturer’s recommendations).

It will not mix with Methanol and castor based oils. It is not suitable for use in oil injection systems. Always mix well!

Formal Factory Approvals:

  • FIA-CIK Homologation (Approval)

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