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RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner

  • 300 ml
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1.00 LBS
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Product Description

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is a fuel additive for all diesel engines that is designed to clean the diesel injection system, optimize the power output of the engine, improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions. RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is a cleaning agent for electronically and mechanically controlled fuel injectors. Because it cleans the injection system, it produces a low degree of soot and reduced particles emitted. RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner also works to prevent rattling noises and rough idling.

Technical Characteristics and Features: 

  • Cleans the fuel injection system
  • Precise, fine atomisation of the diesel fuel
  • Optimizes the power output of the engine
  • Reduces particle emissions

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is added to diesel fuel.

Areas of Application:

  • Diesel engines in passenger cars and semi trucks
  • Can be used preventively at every service, in particular prior to emission measurements
  • In the event of reduced engine performance
  • For all repairs on diesel injection systems

Instructions: The cleaning process is carried out in the tank or by filling the filter. Start engine and let it run at different speed ranges until RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner is used up (max. 2000 rpm).

Cleaning process using the tank: A tank volume of approximately 10 liters or about 3 gallons is ideal for the cleaning process. Enter the contents of the container into the tank, take a test drive (if possible, 30 km or 19 miles on the highway).

Cleaning process using the filter housing: It is imperative to renew the filter! Completely fill the filter housing with RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner and remove air. Cleaning time approximately 10 min. while alternating speeds up to a max of 2000 rpm.

Quality Classifications:

RAVENOL Diesel System Cleaner cleans the fuel injection system and restores the full power of the engine.

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