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RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner

  • 250 ml
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0.75 LBS
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Product Description

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner is a radiator cleaning additive, which is used for quick and easy cleaning of the cooling and heating system. It breaks down and binds greasy and oily deposits in radiators, heating systems, and pipelines. RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner infiltrates and eliminates sludge and corrosion deposits and neutralises lime residue.

Technical Characteristics and Features: 

  • Cleans the cooling and heating system
  • Protects new coolant against prior contamination
  • Elimination of sludge and corrosion residue

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner is added to the radiator. It is recommended to replace rubber parts affected by oil seepage.

Areas of Application:

  • Radiator repairs
  • In the event of reduced radiator performance
  • In the event of deposits in the cooling system
  • When changing coolant
  • For cleaning purposes after engine repairs due to oil in the cooling system

Instructions: RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner suffices for up to 10 liters or about 3 gallons of coolant.

Drain contaminated coolant before cleaning and fill up with fresh water.

Fill in RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner and allow the engine to run at operating temperature for approx. 30 minutes. Drain contaminated mixture – in the case of severe contamination, repeat treatment if necessary. Rinse cooling system with clean water. Refill and remove air after cleaning the cooling system and check for leak tightness.

Quality Classifications:

RAVENOL Professional Radiator Cleaner can lead to an improved cooling performance after repairs on the cooling system.

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