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Marine Oils


RAVENOL is a leading manufacturer of marine oils and lubricants, with a full line of high quality lubricants for leisure and sports boats availabile. RAVENOL Marine and Outboard Oils are formulated specifically for marine use, with specially selected base oils and additives that provide lasting protection and improved efficiency.

group of ravenol marine oils

Racing Team Germany, the only professional team in Germany, has been competing since 2009 with 20 other international teams in the Water-Formula 1 World Championship. The close partnership with Team Germany Racing allows RAVENOL to test oils under extreme racing conditions and produce and develop products that exceed the latest requirements of modern boat engines.

In addition to this, RAVENOL Outboard oils are registered with the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association). This register is divided into 2-stroke (TC-W3®) and 4-stroke (FC-W®) motor oils.

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