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Motorcycle Oils


RAVENOL motorcycle oil and lubricant products are designed specifically for motorcyclists and the demanding conditions faced on the road or track. Premium quality synthetics and additives offer optimum lubrication and protection, even under the harshest of driving conditions. Many of our motorcycle, scooter and quad oils are listed with the Japan Lubricating Oil Society (Jalos). The quality standard of JASO was developed by the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO).

2-Stroke Motorcycle Oil:



Originally JASO specifications were developed for two-stroke engines. It evaluates the performance of two-stroke oils in particular according to the criteria of engine cleanliness, lubricity, carbon deposits in the exhaust system and exhaust.

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2-Stroke Motorbikes Working Conditions
JASO FA light
JASO FB middle
JASO FC middle + low smoke
JASO FD high + low smoke


4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil:4-stroke-motorcycle-group-web.png

For 4-stroke motorcycles with wet clutch the JASO MA certification is important. In this specification the para-meters for wet clutches in motorcycles are checked. In the JASO MA standard an additional test for clutch friction value is necessary which exceeds the API requirements. In the latest JASO MA2 standard is considered the ever-increasing torques of modern motorcycle engines. This specification stands for higher friction coefficients at wet clutches and thus an optimal coupling compatibility with extremely high torque. JASO MA2 is backward compatible with JASO MA, which is still valid and is recommended by many motorcycle manufacturers as a minimum standard.

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4-Stroke Motorbikes Working Conditions
JASO MA / MA-1 generally suitable for wet clutches
(JASO MA=older than MA-1)
JASO MA2 currently the highest standard
for motorbike oils