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RAVENOL is revolutionizing motor oil with CleanSynto® technology! Superior quality synthetic base stocks and advanced German engineered additive packages out perform other brands and provides maximum lubrication during extended mileage oil change intervals. Special CleanSynto® technology improves engine cleanliness thus maximizing the engine’s life span.


RAVENOL mixes and bottles their own proprietary blend and brand of lubricants to the highest European O.E. standards within their own refinery and factory in Germany. In the USA most oils offered are not manufactured by the brand name shown on the bottle. With a focus on price above quality, many oil corporations outsource, having a generic refinery bottle the oil for them. This isn't the case with RAVENOL fluids. RAVENOL is unique in that they produce their own fluids in Germany ensuring total quality control.

Are all synthetics created equal?
RAVENOL's Superior Synthetic
Other Synthetics
Base Oils
RAVENOL’s Superior Synthetic Base Oils
Conventional Refined Base
CleanSynto® Premium Additives
CleanSynto® technology reduces the deposit of soot and dirt particles so that oil can reach critical lubricating points more effectively, keeping your engine clean longer. This can dramatically improve engine efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of engine problems and damage in the future.
Conventional Standard Additives
Many synthetics use inferior refined base oils and conventional additives. This type of standard formulation provides less protection. Soot and dirt particles can leave deposits or sludge, which may result in blocked crankcase hoses, filters, pumps, etc. Engine efficiency and life span then begins to decline.
See the CleanSynto® difference for yourself
All synthetics ARE NOT created equal!
Audi 1.8T (B6 Chassis) with under 120,000 miles. Catastrophic engine damage caused by oil starvation to key engine lubrication points. Low quality synthetic motor oil and irregular oil changes caused clogged oil passages, eventually resulting in the aluminum of the cylinder head to melt with the camshafts.
Don’t Compromise! Choose RAVENOL CleanSynto® Before This Happens To You