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RAVENOL Technical Partner of German Stuntdays Bike Event


The ‘German Stuntdays’ aren’t just your normal motorbike or biker gathering

This event unites the scene of the freestyle bikers and stunt riders, from professional bikers to fans of wheelies and stoppies. RAVENOL is excited to be a technical partner of the event. All the participants can depend on the reliable and resilient lubricants for challenging bike engines, such as the  RAVENOL Motobike 4-T Ester SAE 5W-40 motor oil that meets the demands of the latest generation of high-performance bikes.

What makes the German Stuntdays so special? First of all the huge area that allows up to 30 riders to practice or demonstrate their skills simultaneously. The event is organised by stuntmen and stuntwomen for stuntmen and stuntwomen – and the crowds of course! Independent of brands! Unique in Germany!

Those looking for a comparable event will be searching in vain. Once a year, more than 100 stunt riders from all over Germany and Europe meet at the former military airfield at Zerbst / Anhalt to battle it out with one another in a variety of different competitions. But although motorbike stunts represent the main attraction of the event, it also features quite a number of other highlights: the visitors also may look forward to extreme shows with drifting cars, quads, karts, BMX, FMX and several other vehicles that are difficult to define.

How it all began:

The ‘GSD’ idea was born some 11 years ago in a forum that was mainly used by German and Dutch stunt bikers for communicating with one another. They planned and organized an annual gathering that also was supposed to take the sport closer to the spectators. After three years, the facilities that were previously used for the Stuntdays were sold and the gathering moved to the former military airfield at Zerbst / Anhalt. And without exaggerating you can say that what began as a small gathering has turned into one of the biggest events of its kind all over Europe. Last year, the event attracted 112 stunt bikers and drivers from more than 10 nations, such as England, Ireland, Denmark, Croatia and – of course – Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands. And more than 2500 stunt-sport enthusiasts travelled to the ‘German Stuntdays’ to witness the action provided by this unique event.

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