Made in Germany Double Impact – RaceChip and RAVENOL Join Forces

The tuning expert RaceChip and the specialist for high-class lubricants RAVENOL are now working closely together on the optimization of performance products. Performance-optimized vehicles are becoming more and more important both nationally and internationally, resulting in a rapidly growing interest in the professional maintenance of tuned vehicles.

RaceChip has been the brand for engine tuning using an additional control unit since 2008. With currently around 70 employees at the headquarters in Göppingen, in Munich, as well as in the USA and Hong Kong / Malaysia, the products are developed in-house and perfectly matched to all applications on vehicles around the world.

With RaceChip products, which have been optimized to suit almost all series vehicles with turbo engines, you have the opportunity to increase the performance of diesel and gasoline vehicles with little effort. More power for noticeably increased driving pleasure and at the same time potential fuel savings through increased torque are the goals of chip tuning. Through the use of an additional control unit, the vehicle remains completely in its standard condition, and all safety functions are still active. The additional output is achieved with the help of optimized values from the vehicle's sensors.

For example, just by fitting the RaceChip GTS Black + app control, the output of the Showcar Mk8 Golf GTI was increased from the standard 245 HP and 370 Nm to a good 300 HP and 420 Nm with the acceleration from 100-200 km / h achieved in 12.12 compared to the original 16.05 seconds, an increase of 4 seconds! Needless to say, the expert report is also available. However, as with any performance improvement, like changes in the engine control software, higher loads on engine parts and transmission will arise.

In many cases, the increase in engine temperature also leads to higher friction and wear. At this point it is important to know how to counteract this, and this is where the correct choice of lubricant has an important role to play. Lubricants fulfill numerous functions in internal combustion engines, for in addition to lubricating mechanical components, engine oil is also responsible for cooling, cleaning and protecting against corrosion.

With the RAVENOL CleanSynto® technology, deposits of soot and dirt particles are dramatically reduced so that the oil can reach unhindered the important lubrication points. As a result, the engine stays cleaner longer whilst the efficiency of the engine increases and the risk of engine failure is minimized. Stability of the viscosity also plays a decisive role in vehicles with increased performance, on track days or on the road, because undesirable changes in viscosity can quickly cause serious problems. That is why we have developed the USVO ® lubricant technology, which keeps the viscosity of the oil very stable at high and low temperatures. USVO® stands for Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil, for which only the highest quality, fully synthetic base oils and additives are used.

RaceChip Managing Director Dirk Bongardt: "With RAVENOL we have chosen an oil partner who has a consistently positive reputation in the tuning segment. We were able to test the engine oils equipped with USVO technology on race tracks such as the Hockenheimring or the Bilster Berg in our vehicles, the Golf 8R and the new Hyundai i20N—absolute top products."

Dimitri Barichnowski: "I'm really looking forward to the constructive exchange with Dirk and the RaceChip experts. Since we provide our products to the automotive aftermarket with RaceChip in more than 100 countries worldwide, there are numerous interfaces for us at various levels of cooperation, sales, and marketing, which have already been addressed. RaceChip is focusing, as we are, on innovation and sustainability: In 2021, RaceChip presented a new product, the RaceChip RX for electric vehicles, as an ideal complement to chip tuning."